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Salud! to Abies pinsapo...the Spanish Fir!

The Spanish Fir really does deserves a toast; it is a remarkable little conifer that brings so much beauty to the urban garden! Have no fear, this conifer is not a fast grower, and if you start small you can enjoy a long window of enjoyment into the future. 

The Abies family offers so much variety; green needles, golden needles, even blue-toned needles!  Lovely purple to red cones decorate the sturdy branches in the late Winter when the out of doors is just waking up! 

Consider this beauty for an addition to your landscape...and dont forget, Second Nature Landscape Design has options available to assist you in revamping your beds for more all-season beauty! 

Let's talk!  SECOND NATURE LANDSCAPE DESIGN - (503) 380-6883 

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