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Hey!  Glad you are here!

before we begin...

Thank you for considering Second Nature for assisting you in making your landscape be the best it can be! 

Following is some essential information to consider in the creation and evolution of your new landscape design from Second Nature.  There is also a form to fill out and submit, asking some key questions that will help me in getting acquainted with your general intent for your outdoor space.


It is essential for me as your designer to have some sort of idea what your budget might look like for making improvements to your landscape before we begin our process.  It will definitely make it possible for me to maximize your landscaping dollar to the best of my ability.  


This number need not be exact.  If your budget is without limitation then it does not matter, I will gladly create a "no stops" plan for your property.  However, knowing your perimeters in this arena if there are any is helpful as we begin and proceed through this process of creating a landscape that will be possible (and comfortable) for you financially.



thoughts on Installing your new landscape

There are a few different avenues to take in the installation of  your new design.  Combining them is also a way to get what you need done in a way that works for you.


  • One is to have a professional landscape company install your new design at one time, leaving you with a complete landscape job that is "turn key" and ready to enjoy! 


  • Another option is to install your design in phases.  If you are not in a huge rush to get from start to finish, you can prioritize the installation so that the cost is spread out a bit over time.  You can enjoy the benefits of a landscape professionally built, but you wait a little longer for completion.


  • The last option is to do-it-yourself.  I love the independent spirit in do-it-yourself adventures (believe me, I have one!).  Do your research and consider what is possible given your skill set, time allowance and if you can go with the flow through a new learning curve. Just looking after you!  If this is you too, then secure your seat belt and be ready for the challenge...I want you to really enjoy this process!  It is so rewarding to enjoy the results of your own hard work! 


Please fill out the form below and submit.  I will get  back to you typically within 24 hours.

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