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SECOND NATURE LANDSCAPE DESIGN offers full landscape design services for clients that require a complete, detailed and to-scale plan.  It includes an in-depth study of the site and helping you to establish what it is that you want from your property.  Having all of the details and information for your project located in one place is a great tool to have for moving forward with your landscape endeavors. 

Step One: Site Analysis

Step Four: Final

    Step Four: Concept 

Step Two: Design Creation

                                                                             HOW IT HAPPENS:

An INITIAL ONSITE VISIT allows us to meet in person at your location so that we can learn more about each other and your desires for the outdoor space at hand.  We will walk the area and briefly discuss your ideas.  It allows me to get a good feel for the site and the depth of design work required allowing me to give you an appropriate design fee.   


Please contact me to set up a time.  


There is a fee associated with this visit.  It can become a simple consultation as well should you not be interested in a full design package. $100/first hour, $75/each consecutive hour. Preview visit for design package should not take more than one hour of time. 



                                                                  ONCE THE DESIGN PROCESS BEGINS:

  • an initial meeting on site together to discuss details and general direction

  • site analysis and measuring

  • studio design time

  • conceptual design meeting with client

  • completed project presented at final meeting




                                                                                 THE RESULTS:

  • ​a large plan view, computer-generated drawing in a to-scale format​

  • a plant list showing common/botanical names, quantities required and purchase size suggestions

  • a color plant photo catalog of plants suggested from your new design


Second Nature Landscape Design offers a professional drawing that can be provided to installation professionals for bidding purposes.  It can also be a great tool for a do-it-yourself project that can be installed over time and at your own pace as time and budget allows.


A great opportunity to have all of your decisions and plans for your outdoors spaces in one easy-to-comprehend place!  


It includes, but is not limited to: spacial organization and development, problem solving with existing conditions, hardscaping for form and style and planting bed layout with appropriate plant selections.




NOTE:  Each property is unique and design needs are all so very different.  Ultimately, my design fees are based on size and topography of property, scope of work required, design complexity and location.  Fees can fluctuate, either up or down based on the above mentioned components as required.   


I ask for a deposit of 50% of the quoted design fee before the process can begin.  Scheduling may be necessary and is highly suggested during the busy season.   


I accept checks and can also invoice you via Square.  I can also accept bank-to-bank transfers using Zelle and Venmo.  




                                                                    ARE YOU READY TO BEGIN?


                                             Contact me to make an appointment for an Initial On-site visit.





I offer quality, hand-selected plant materials based on your new design!  Delivered to the job site, you can be ready for planting day!  I can provide a quote upon request…just ask!



I am happy to assist you in laying out your new plant materials in the right place on planting day!  An additional hourly rate applies to this service.





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