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Are you a busy landscape installer? 


Would you like to be able to offer in-house design to your customers without the cost and hassle of hiring a design employee?


Second Nature Landscape has a solution  for providing professional, computer-generated designs that are easy to read and follow for presenting to your clients to close the sale of your installation services!


Here's how it works: Our objective is to provide you with a professional, clean and concise plan-view drawing of the vision you have for your client's new landscape for the best communication in presenting your ideas.  Our cost to provide this service is intended to allow you to also make some profit from the design phase (based on industry standard cost for design work only).  It has the potential to free you up for managing your installation business without spending your time drafting up a sketch to sell your ideas.  No employee costs for you;  we are happy to work on a job by job basis as needed.  We would love to work regulary with you but are happy to do "as needed" overflow work as well.Over time, as we get more familiar with each other's preferences and procedures, work will become more efficient in time and effort to execute. 

Drafting Only Service

Provide us with a sketched representation of the client's site, including all pertinent dimensions and existing components of the site

An array of photos showing the site from all angles, giving us a good visual representation of the site to help tell the site story

Fill out our Job Detail form and provide any and all information that relays to us what the new design will include and the preferred materials used for labeling.  

From this information, we will expertly draft a preliminary design showing the design you envision for presenting to your client to sell your installation project.  Communication will be key between us to make sure we have all of the details needed. We will email the file to you prior to your presentation for your stamp of approval, and we can make adjustments as needed. It will be scaled appropriately complete with symbols for plant materials and hardscape components, labeled to your specifications.  It will have your company information listed in the Title Block to represent your company. You can create a quote from this drawing and include it in the presentation. Once your client has approved the design and is ready to proceed, your preliminary design will become a working drawing used to communicate with your staff, crew and subcontractors. We can provide a separate drawing with dimensions only that can assist you with your quote procedure.

Need some design assistance too?  We can help!

We want to make this easy for you, and if you want some design input, for an additional fee we can give our suggestions for finishing out the design based on our expertise.

Of course, Second Nature is an indepenent design company and will be happy to provide full service design per our typical procedure if needed. 

We are currently taking on only a few installation partners to ensure that our quality and efficiency is the best it can be.  Please contact Karla at (503) 380-6883 to discuss details.

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