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post date: August 7, 2022

This rental home is in the Richmond neighborhood of SE Portland, Oregon.  The house is a Portland-style vintage home and is lovely and comfortable.  Peaceful and calm. Nice front porch. It is close to quite a lot (near Hawthorne Blvd and Division St at about 39th).  Walkable to grocery, shopping, nightlife... lots of urban culture.  Mt. Tabor about a 30 minute walk. Village Merchant and Sckavoni's right around the corner!  

The entire upstairs is available to rent as private space (approx. 700 sq ft), having a large bedroom and a spacious living area.  Tall trees in the front yard create a nice treehouse affect in the upstairs bedroom.  

The bathroom and kitchen are both downstairs.  Has a basement with storage, washer/dryer, even a built-in work bench.  Clothes line outside, too!  

Has a sweet little backyard with a covered area as well as open space.  Some full sun and some shade. Great spot for stargazing or sitting around the fire pit.  Comfy coffee spot complete with morning sun! Herb garden shared with awesome neighbors, raspberries.  Great neighbors all around. Ample on-street parking. Wood burning fireplace on main floor.

I have a cat, and another cat is welcomed upstairs indeed. 



I work from home (in a separate area) and do spend alot of time just enjoying being here.  My in-home work (I also tutor children as well as design) requires a quiet environment during the day. I am relatively quiet, love gardening, music, crafts. 

I also love to cook and bake.  I am creative, love good inspired conversation and quiet time too. I believe that I am pretty flexible in most ways.  A second-hand shopping junkie. Refurbisher of things. 

I am clean, respectful, and considerate. Responsible and possibly a bit frugal.  I am kind, fair, soulful and a truth-seeker.  Animal lover (I have a cat, Shortcakes).  I like to have friends over occasionally and I am a non-smoker.

I also am indeed a meat-eater.

I am generally happy and like to walk on the Bright Side of the Road. Possibility thinker.   

My Circadian Rhythm is early to bed and early to rise. 


Looking for:

Another female who values the same general sort of lifestyle. 

Must be willing to embrace the simpleness and character of living in an older building.  Communication is so important in this sort of arrangement, so must be able to discuss there will always be things.  Must be responsible with bills in regards to shared expenses.  Some routine yard care is required.  Cleanliness and general tidyness is certainly a plus for both tenants.



$1250.00/mos along with 1/2 utilities    

1 year lease is required. 1/2 of the security deposit and 1/2 of the upfront first and last rent payment is required.

     Move in date:  September 2022 or thereabouts


Interested?  Let's talk.  Please go to my website Contact Page (above in header) and drop me a line.  We can arrange a phone chat or a Zoom chat!


More photos to come.         

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